The most pungent of the new triploid Hallertau family


Primarily grown in Oregon; released in 1993

Pedigree: Triploid variety from German Hallertau with contributions from Cascade, Brewer's Gold and Early Green; a half-sister of Mt. Hood and Liberty
Aroma: Mild, floral and spicy
Aroma profile: Floral, Spicy
Typical beer styles: Lager, Kölsch, ESB, Pilsner, IPA, Pale Ale & Belgian Ales

Brewing values
Brewing Usage Aroma
Alpha Acid 3.5 - 5.5%
Beta Acid 4.5 - 6.7%
Co-humulone 20 - 26%
Total Oil 0.8 - 2.1 mL/100g

Possible substitutions