Perle (DE)

Highly acceptable aroma variety with balanced bittering


The most popular German-grown hop variety; released in 1978

Pedigree: Bred at the Hüll Hop Research Institute from the English Northern Brewer variety
Aroma: Delicate, floral and fruity
Aroma profile: Herbal, Floral, Spicy, Fruity
Typical beer styles: Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Weizen, Ale, Alt, Kölsch, Munich Helles

Brewing values
Brewing Usage Aroma
Alpha Acid 6 - 10%
Beta Acid 2.5 - 5%
Co-humulone 29 - 35%
Total Oil 0.8 - 1.3 mL/100g

Possible substitutions