Sladek (CZ)

Recommendable to use this hops at least 20 minutes before the end of the brewing process


Sladek means “beer brewer”

Also known as: Hops.Models.Hops.Alias

Pedigree: The variety Sladek contains genetically 30% of Saaz hops
Aroma: Fruity flavor profile with essences of peach, passion fruit, and grapefruit
Aroma profile: Grapefruit, Fruity, Tropical Fruit
Typical beer styles: Lagers

Brewing values
Brewing Usage Aroma
Alpha Acid 5 - 9%
Beta Acid 8 - 11%
Co-humulone 22 - 28%
Total Oil 0.8 - 1 mL/100g

Possible substitutions